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Handyman Club of America overwhelmingly endorses HandyMark!

"Excellent product! Drastically reduced the time to finish my project!"

– Michael High

"Best thing since sliced bread! I have never had an easier time cutting outlet holes in sheet rock! I need another one! Suggested improvements: None – I love it!"

– Ken Long

"As advertised, HandyMark saves time, eliminates mistakes sometimes made when measuring. Simple to use! It also works well on paneling."

– Richard F. Kandro

"I highly recommend this product, because of its performance and accuracy. It is as good as the sales flyer says it is. In the past I have wasted a lot of time, effort and materials trying to transfer cutout measurements. This new tool makes locating electrical boxes fast, easy and correct the first time."

– George Dechick

"Well, I waited as long as I could and I just had to get this new product evaluation completed. I didn't have a stitch of drywall in the house to try it on, BUT it so happens that they were remodeling some apartments just a couple houses down from me. So I thought, 'Why not ask them to try it out.' So I grabbed the package and set off down the street. I went into the apartment looking for the foreman and found him. Guess what he was doing? Yep, you guessed it. Hanging drywall. I showed him the package and explained to him my problem. He said he would be happy to try out. I left and returned about three hours later to find him almost finished. He raved about how easy it was to use and the accuracy was unbelievable. He was able to take the person doing the measuring to cut out the holes and put him on another job, saving about $50 in labor costs. He said that he usually has to throw out (use for scrap) about three or four sheets of drywall because of bad measurements. Not with this little beauty. Not one measurement was off. He offered to buy it from me. I had to refuse his offer. If it was this good, I wanted it for myself."

– John Barris

"A time saver – No measuring – Just connect the dots and cut! Easy to use – Extremely accurate!"

– Mike Morin

"The HandyMark is easy to use, accurate, durable and reusable. I recommend using and purchasing a second for duplex boxes. Bright color makes it easy to locate in any construction zone. Made my drywalling look professional."

– M. Albrecht

"I used the HandyMark while installing paneling in an unfinished garage. I was amazed at how fast I could mark and make the cutouts. No guess work this time. Simplified the process, very accurate and easy to use."

– Larry D. Williams

"HandyMark made easy and accurate markings for outlet and switch boxes. Guess work and time-consuming measuring were eliminated."

– Jim Chin

"This product made marking outlet boxes accurate and a nice fit. When I measured them I was always off a little, now they are right on. Easy to use! Works great!"

– John Schwegman

Habitat for Humanity approves of HandyMark!

"Your tool has performed as indicated, and we have been very pleased with the results. We have used your tools on 2 builds to date, and we have 4 more homes this year. We look forward to using the HandyMark tools on our Habitat for Humanity builds coming this year, and beyond."

Eric J. Kaplan
Chair, Construction Committee
Habitat for Humanity - DeKalb Co., GA

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